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May 11, 2006

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This website is dedicated to the Aboriginal peoples of Arnhem Land whose musical and artistic genius are world-renowned. While the focus of this website is traditional music from Arnhem Land, some items on the fringe of the territory as it is commonly defined are included. The database contains notes and song information from the majority of all commercially released albums and films featuring traditional Arnhem Land music. Additions and corrections to the database are welcomed. Please e-mail comments to:

CAUTION: Users of this website are warned that there may be words and descriptions (including the names, voices, and images of Aboriginal people who are now deceased) which may be culturally sensitive and which might not normally be used in certain public or community contexts. Terms and descriptions which reflect the author's attitude or that of the period in which the item was written may be considered inappropriate or offensive today in some circumstances. Please be careful to avoid causing distress to traditional people who may be offended or hurt by viewing these pages by forewarning them of their content.

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Many thanks to Guan Lim, Peter Lister, and Ed Drury whose friendship, knowledge and passion have inspired me to create this website. Special thanks to Peter Lister for his donating his research to Manikay.Com in "Didjeridu and Traditional Music of the Top End." Thanks to Randy Graves who fleshed out the information in the Films category. I also wish to recognise the pioneering recording of this rich and vibrant music by A.P. Elkin, LaMont West, T Jones, Lester & Betty Hiatt, Sandra Le Brun Holmes and Alice Moyle - without their efforts (at times under extreme technical conditions), those of us so passionate about this music would never have had the opportunity to enjoy it in its intended context, and in such variety. But most of all I am forever grateful to the Aboriginal musicians themselves for their willing and enthusiastic performances and for allowing it to be recorded so that we may enjoy it and hopefully better understand and appreciate their rich culture.

Copyright 2002 J.H. Burrows - Manikay.Com