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Database was last updated on:
May 11, 2006

Stop the Jabiluka Uranium Mine

Contemporary Masters Series Volume 2: Waluka
Gurritjiri Gurruwiwi
Label Information:
Yothu Yindi Foundation
Media Type:
Skinnyfish Music

Track Number Track Title Track Time Notes
Wukun (Cloud) 1 Coming From the East 0:02:55 Djalu Gurruwiwi on yirdaki. The cloud - wujun - is coming in from the east. It's really smooth. A big blowing wind is bringing it in. The cloud is pointing to places and naming those places. The sea eagle is following the cloud. The seagulls are rising up toward the cloud and crying.
Wukun (Cloud) 2 Raining 0:01:49 Djalu Gurruwiwi on yirdaki. The cloud is raining. It's pointing to the seas and islands and rocks and lands of the various clans and raining on them. It's like a mystery, the rain coming down and pointing to different peoples' places.
Wukun (Cloud) 3 Water is Calm After Storm 0:01:46 Djalu Gurruwiwi on yirdaki. The water is now calm. It's glassy after the rain.
Guykarri (Dolphin) 1 Slowly Through Calm Water 0:03:36 Djalu Gurruwiwi on yirdaki. The dolphin - guykarri - is swimming through calm water after the rain. He's going slowly.
Guykarri (Dolphin) 2 Leaping Out of Calm Water With Djarrak 0:00:47 Djalu Gurruwiwi on yirdaki. The dolphin is leaping out of the calm water. It's heading towards the rocks at Yirrkala. It's crying for the spirit people. Djarrak the crested tern is circling the dolphins and riding on the dolphin's back, riding him, in and out of the water around Bremer Island. The dolphin separates.
Guykarri (Dolphin) 3 Crying And Lost 0:03:40 Djalu Gurruwiwi on yirdaki. One dolphin comes north toward Arnhem Bay. The dolphin scares small fish and the seagull away by swooping and diving into the water. The cloud is sitting in the sea in the dry season. The wind is blowing, the cloud forms into a spear pointing at country, the dolphins are crying for each other, wondering where they are and where they are going. The dolphins represent people singing, people reminding each other of each other, like people crying at ceremony. The dolphins represent freedom for Yolngu people. Young people listen and understand what we mean to each other.
Rulyapa (Rough Seawater) 1 Tide is High 0:05:29 Djalu Gurruwiwi on yirdaki. This song is about a sort of seawater - rulyapa. It is very rough. The tide is high. It's pushing against the rocks deep in the water on the seabed. Waves are crashing and bubbles are rising.
Rulyapa (Rough Seawater) 2 Tide is Low 0:03:33 Djalu Gurruwiwi on yirdaki. The tide is low now. It's rough, creating bubbles as it crashes against the beach.
Wuduki (Driftwood) 1 Floating on Calm Glassy Water 0:02:23 Djalu Gurruwiwi on yirdaki. The sea is very calm now, like glass. This song is about driftwood - wuduku - floating on the calm glassy water.
Wuduki (Driftwood) 2 Floating And Moving With the Tide 0:03:12 Djalu Gurruwiwi on yirdaki. The water is going up and down with the tides. The driftwood is floating on the water.
Gathaka (Sooty Oystercatcher) 1 Flying High Looking Down Crying Gathak Gathak 0:02:41 Djalu Gurruwiwi on yirdaki. Gathaka - the sooty oystercatcher - is flying high in the sky, looking down. It's crossing to the island. It's crying Gathak, Gathak, Gathak.
Gathaka (Sooty Oystercatcher) 2 Diving For a Fish 0:02:05 Djalu Gurruwiwi on yirdaki. The sooty oystercatcher is diving from high in the sky, diving for a fish on its way to the island.
Bawang 1 Crested Tern is Singing Out From Cloud 0:02:24 Djalu Gurruwiwi on yirdaki. The crested tern is singing out from the cloud, talking about different areas for different tribes. The cloud is coming in, making the people one. Every country has a different area for a different tribe. The cloud is pointing at Yirrkala, it's pointing at the Wessel Islands, it's pointing at the lands of the Rirratjingu and other clans. The cloud is a spear, showing the straight direction forward. All the clouds join together as one like the people, drawing them together for ceremony. The tern is crying, crying, crying. The clouds join, like friendship, like freedom. They're representative of Yolngu people. Here the clouds represent the coming together of the Djapu, Rirratjingu, Galpu, and Djambarrpuyngu tribes.
Bawang 2 Clouds Separate Looking Like Wild Potatoes 0:01:51 Djalu Gurruwiwi on yirdaki. The clouds separate, they look like wild potatoes. They represent people, the different tribes, and where they're from. The clouds separate like people after ceremony and go back to their own country.
Bulunu (East Wind) Also Called Dhimurru Sweeps Over Water Making it Calm 0:02:51 Djalu Gurruwiwi on yirdaki. The east wind also called Dhimurru sweeps over the water and makes it calm. The clouds formation is nimbostratus. The people are sitting down watching the calm water.
Guykada (Clouds Sitting Down on the Horizon) 0:01:47 Djalu Gurruwiwi on yirdaki. Clouds sitting down on the horizon representing saltwater people inhabiting the coast line.
Djonggirri (West Wind Barra is Coming From Goulburn Island Blowing Clouds Away) 0:03:05 Djalu Gurruwiwi on yirdaki. The west wind Barra is coming from Goulburn Island and blows the cutting clouds away. The people there are playing yirdaki and painting up their bodies for ceremony.
Yolngu Mawang (People Walking Between Country And Dancing) 0:01:25 Djalu Gurruwiwi on yirdaki. Yolngu people are walking between country and dancing. They are going to a billabong. We're thinking about the Goulburn Island people and dancing for them. My family has connections with them.
Gurrumat'tji (Magpie Geese) 1 Sitting Around the Billabong Eating 0:01:48 Djalu Gurruwiwi on yirdaki. The wild magpie geese - gurrumat'tji - are sitting around the billabong eating rakay, the corms of the waterlily. The rakay is like marbles.
Gurrumat'tji (Magpie Geese) 2 Moving From Waterhole to Waterhole 0:01:05 Djalu Gurruwiwi on yirdaki. The magpie geese are moving from waterhole to waterhole. This song cycle is linyguna, finished now.
Waltjan (Rain) 0:02:01 Djalu Gurruwiwi on yirdaki.

Copyright 2002-2006 J.H. Burrows and Peter Lister