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Database was last updated on:
May 11, 2006

Stop the Jabiluka Uranium Mine

Djalu Gurruwiwi
Label Information:
ON-Records/Djalu Gurruwiwi : ONDJA2003-1
Media Type:
Rripangu Yirdaki


  • Djalu Wulumbuyku Gurruwiwi: Vocals, Yirdaki
  • Gurritjiri (Alfred) Gurruwiwi: Vocals
  • Winiwini (Larry) Gurruwiwi: Vocals, Yirdaki, Dancing
  • Minyapa (Andrew) Gurruwiwi: Vocals, Dancing
  • Liyangkerrirr (Sylvester) Gurruwiwi: Vocals, Yirdaki, Dancing
Track Number Track Title Track Time Notes
01 Wukun (Cloud) 1 0:03:02 As the clouds start building up, they are pointing to certain places, choosing which direction to go. The "building up" continues and then the cloud starts moving to the place Garul Gadapaltji. The formation of the cloud builds up, in the east as it, gets ready to rain, forming a strong front, called Ngalarra Dhawunyilnyil.
02 Waluka (Rain) 1 0:02:51 The rain comes to Garnga. It rains on the Ganguri (Yam). The Ganguri is beckoning to rain at that certain spot. The rain is from the east.
03 Gukguk (Pigeon) 1 0:03:20 After the rain the bird Gukguk comes out to sing. It sings joyfully after the rain.
04 Wuluyma (Ancestral Being) 0:04:03 The Yolngu Gawuki comes out, seeing that the rain has passed through the land. Roaming the land. This Yolngu is from a place called Garul. During the afternoon as the shade turns.
05 Gukguk (Pigeon) 2 0:03:18 The bird sings again in a tree called Munurulu. Munurulu is a special shade that the Galpu clans use to sit and rest.
06 Mulnymuluy (Ancestral Being) 0:02:27 The Wuluwanna rest in a certain place as teh cloud points in different directions. The Wuluwanna rests in the sacred sand Waku-midi.
07 Gukguk (Pigeon) 3 0:02:29 The bird Gukguk is singing as the shark Wurrumba journeys, as well as telling about the yams, sending it's sound to certain places.
08 Yolngu (People) 0:02:52 Yolngu dressed up with leaves are roaming the land, along the creek and heading towards the sea, in search of stingray Namal.
09 Wukun (Cloud) 2 0:03:10 Trying out the spear (djenggana), turning the spear into different directions. The Wukun cloud represents the spear.
10 Waluka (Rain) 2 0:01:17 It rains again, raining on the plants, especially the yams, so that the new shoots Bitbit will come up. Here it is pouring.
11 Wata (Wind) 1 0:01:38 The west wind starts to blow. Building up at Maawi, Goulburn Island, as the leaves sway when the wind blows. The wind is now moving through the land.
12 Gitja (particular step used in dance) 0:02:47 Yolngu are walking through the land, dancing. The Yolngu Dhawilingu is straightening the spear Warrarri at Maawi.
13 Baarra (West Wind) 0:02:37 Pointing the spear. Roaming the land, deciding which direction to go. Now the children move down, collecting shellfish at Maawi as the west wind blows.
14 Wukun (Cloud) 3 0:05:06 Buku damala. The cloud has formed, creating a shield or boundary where nothing can prevail.
15 Wata (Wind) 2 0:03:22 Then the wind starts to blow, as it goes across the land. And as it reaches the land Yulminy wata it begins to decrease it's speed, dying out eventually.
16 Walirr (Sun) 0:07:03 As the sun is setting, the rays of the sun are reaching certain places, especially, Dhumara. Reaching the places where the dreamings are, as the person is longing to go back to the places where that person comes from. As the sun is going down, his mind reflects back to his land.

Copyright 2002-2006 J.H. Burrows and Peter Lister